Compliance Automation

Compliance automation provides the ability to make decisions and to manage stakeholders’ risks more effectively based on real-time information and an increased confidence in the company's security compliance posture. Compliance automation software can help organizations automate the overall compliance process by providing a knowledgebase of compliance regulations and security standards. Compliance automation tools provide reporting capabilities on compliance, including self-assessments, control analyses, corrective and manage action planning and testing.
We help organizations to automate compliance-related monitoring and reporting tasks, achieve their compliance goals and minimize their exposure to downtime and security risks.

Key Features

  • High-level customer audit to define which compliance controls are most suitable
  • Integration with compliance reporting tool. This stage includes customer connection to Bell.One Cloud, data receiving configuration and data normalization processes.
  • Data storage.All indexed customer data are stored and accessible 24X7 up to a few years
  • Compliance reporting. Predefined visualized reporting forms against technical controls on HIPAA, PCI DSS, SSAE 16 and etc. Reporting tool features: “google like” search interface and flexible report building functionality; drilldown to raw data with ability to define the root reason of noncompliance; export to printing form as controls evidence.


  • Reduce the labor costs associated with manual compliance efforts
  • Increase employee compliance rates
  • Reduce risk of workplace lawsuits
  • Streamline processes and improve efficiencies