Blockchain (Digital Ledgers)

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. Assets can be tangible like cash, houses, and cars or intangible like intellectual property, such as patents, copyrights, or branding. Bell.One offers a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust, accountability and transparency – from contracts and deeds to payments.

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Use cases

Bell.One proposes to use the blockchain technology as a tool to manage and store copyrights on a decentralized ledger and easily track transactions associated with any digital content from music to pieces of art.
  • Transparent and immediate revenue stream
  • Direct relationship between creators and consumers
To streamline the processes of transferring bonds Bell.One proposes to create an infrastructure based on distributed blockchain technology where users can create, buy, sell, and settle their portfolio of bonds.
  • Creates data consistency, unification and manageability across different institutions
  • Ensures comprehensive, ordered, accurate, immutable historical ownership data
  • Secures sensitive information through unique hardware configuration
  • Distributed records combat monopolies and yields transparency and trust
Supply chain management based on blockchain technology is applicable for companies that have complex supply chains and track the movement of high-value goods. Blockchain can help not only to speed up supply chains, but also to add greater intelligence along the way.
  • Can create an immutable digital transaction record.
  • Provides trust between stakeholders and the necessary transparency.
  • It is considered the best solution for tracking the security and authenticity of goods as they move through the supply chain - the entire path of transformation: from primary raw materials to the time the finished product is sold to the consumer.
  • By transferring all transactions in the record to the unit, you can generate time and savings.

Key Features