Infrastructure Services

Strong IT infrastructure enables your business to run optimally. Bell.One managed infrastructure services address critical components of IT Service Management, information security, unified communication and collaboration initiatives with the best teams of IT professionals. Our technology deployment services leverage proven delivery management processes to support your IT initiatives on time and within budget and quality goals. Furthermore, our custom IT support solutions provide the technical expertise and management oversight required for service continuity and business productivity.

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Data Center and Cloud Services - Today’s strongest data centers are dynamic; nimbly able to support infrastructure growth and accommodate greater workloads. In order to achieve this flexibility, many IT departments rely on virtualization to reduce costs and increase productivity; this advanced environment can also include cloud computing, storage and networking capabilities
IT Service Management - Maintaining a strong IT department is challenging, as organizations seek to deliver new business value, respond to technological and regulatory change, and manage ever-escalating costs. IT Service Management (ITSM) helps integrate business and IT goals, measure organizational effectiveness and demonstrate return on investment. By aligning infrastructure, people and processes, ITSM can improve efficiency, drive results and mitigate risk.
Information Security - A tidal wave of regulation, increasingly sophisticated threats and the relentless data demands of an information economy have transformed information security from an afterthought to perhaps the most complex and urgent business concern for many organizations. Companies must achieve and maintain the right balance between managing risks and enabling the business.
Collaboration Services - Between telephone, video conferencing, email and instant messaging, organizations have a growing number of channels with which to communicate internally and with their customers.
Managed IT Services - The need to get work done better, faster and more cost-effectively is ever present in business. While assembling strong teams of qualified experts remains critical to driving successful IT outcomes, today's IT leaders must also consider ways to optimize the structure of IT strategy and operations.

Key Features


  • Reduced TCO
  • Low capital outlay and predictable monthly costs
  • Flexible service
  • Strong expertise