Smart Logistics for Transporters and 3PL Companies

Transporters and 3pl companies want to be able to maintain visibility on their shipments in transit to minimize the risk of theft and to optimize delivery schedules. 3pl companies using leased transport vehicles want to have visibility on their ltl shipments especially when subjected to cross dock transfers


Bell.One​ innovative Smart Logistics solution can monitor the assets in real time providing guidance on ETA and meeting delivery schedules. With a predictive delivery timeframe 3PL companies can predict potential delays in a delivery schedule and also have in-depth knowledge of the operating procedures of their transporters.
  • Real time visibility, tracking and condition monitoring of goods and assets (e.g. containers, pallets) in-transit
  • Customer defined real-time alerts, real-time reporting, historical reporting, and data analytics (e.g. delay causes)
  • 100% pay-as-you-go – no upfront investments
  • Optional end-to-end application integration (e.g. SAP, EDI)

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How it works

  • Request tracking devices

    We will only ship you the tracking devices you need, when and where you need them.

  • Drop tracking devices

    Tracking devices come charged and ready to go. There are no wires to connect or buttons to press. Receive alerts when they occur.

  • Receive real-time alerts, monitoring, and reporting

    Whether you are shipping via land, sea, rail or air, we monitor the location and the condition of your shipment almost anywhere around the globe.

  • Return tracking devices

    Need to use the tracking devices again? Go right ahead! Otherwise, we'll organize the pickup of the tracking devices when you're ready to return them.


  • On time delivery
  • Transporter rating and management
  • Real time shipment visibility in an LTL shipment
  • Reduction in asset liability based on theft
  • Ability to recover stolen assets