Bell Integrator is a global consulting and technology services provider driving innovation and enabling digital transformation within the finance, telecom, retail, and automotive industries. Since 2003 Bell.One has been providing full lifecycle services and solutions for world leading companies including Ericsson, Cisco, Century Link, Juniper, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, and Societe Generale. Bell.One has over 2,500 employees in 10 locations in US, Mexico, Latvia, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Why Bell Integrator?

Mature stellar talent

Our engineering talent are experienced scientists, physicists, and mathematicians with certifications from leading platform vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, Ericson, Nokia, Comverse, Brocade, and many others. Bell.One employees have many years of vertical experience and even our most junior engineers have 2-3 years of hands-on experience.


In contrast to the larger technology vendors, whose bureaucratic procedures are slow, Bell.One can start an engagement immediately – passing along to the client the benefits of agility, speed and flexibility. If you need to kick off a project tomorrow, we can mobilize the right resources with the right skills, right away.

Full stack of IT and Innovation

We provide the full breadth of IT services including software development, systems integration, application management services, network management, storage and datacenter services, operating on high load, mission critical systems. Our portfolio of solutions balances the need to maintain legacy infrastructure and services, with the desire to realize emerging technologies like SDN & NFV.

Global delivery capability

Our project-reach and experience is world-wide. As a global company, we serve customers in North and South America (USA, Mexico, Brazil, etc.), EMEA (Italy, Netherlands, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Algeria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.), APAC (Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, etc.).

Brand History

We've all heard the story. A young Newton was sitting beneath an apple tree contemplating the universe. Suddenly an apple hit him on the head. Eureka! - he shoted. In an instant he got a brilliant idea that lay in the foundation of the gravity theory.

This story and one of the world's bridhtext scientists inspered us to our current logo - a head hit by half a dozen of apples.
Bell Integrator's slogan is "Talent. Technology. Solutions."

This message communicates our key values and auique differentiators: our intellectual potential strength and our continuous, innovation. Along with that we also pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to develop strong and trusted relationships with our customers and partners.

The logo symbolizes our creativity, lateral thinking, and its bright color spectrum indicates our lively spirit.

Local Presence, Global Talent

10 locations: US (San Jose, CA), Mexico (Mexico City), Latvia (Riga), Russia (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Saratov and Ufa), Belarus (Minsk), and Kazakhstan (Astana).

Headquartered in the US, we also have geo-diverse R&D centers in Eastern Europe. Local presence and access to the best engineering talent in the world allow us to deliver complex outsourcing projects on time and on budget.



We meet the highest level of quality standards and requirements. We implemented and maintain a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our IT service management system is certified for compliance with ISO 20000:2005.

Our entire company stringently follows the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, which includes the following quality objectives:

  • Product improvement
  • Process improvement
  • People development and motivation
  • Product versioning
  • Collaboration improvement
  • Quality Management System effectiveness improvement

Dedicated Engagement Management

Our full range of services start from business analysis and requirement definition, through implementation and finalizing with quality assurance and support. As our customer you will have a dedicated project manager assigned to resolve all issues and address any additional requirements. Our local presence and ability to create fully integrated teams ensure you have the most interactive communication experience. Our planning and reporting system makes the project clear, transparent, and predictable. And keeps you informed, every step of the way.

Engagement Models

Depending on project scope and specifics, we offer different engagement models:


Works for projects with a clear scope, established project management methodologies, and a finalized set of requirements.


Typically used for QA, maintenance, and support projects that may span a long period of time.


When you need to extend your IT capabilities, we set up your team of professionals with required qualifications that work exclusively on your projects.

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