Bell Integrator Automates Unistream Business Application Testing
26 Sep

Bell Integrator Automates Unistream Business Application Testing

Considering the development of the industry and the quickly changing competitive environment, Unistream is improving its primary banking and payment systems. In order to quickly and properly launch products and services on the market, Unistream uses DevOps technology for its testing and operation cycles. The growing number of products in development and being introduced has created a need to speed up the testing process, which is one of the most important parts of taking a business idea from concept to implementation.  

This process used to be extremely labor- and time-consuming. Unistream chose Bell Integrator to solve this problem.

“We are happy to be participating in this project because we have extensive experience optimizing processes improving our customers time to market while introducing new features, products or services for financial institutions. We are happy with the results thus far. I believe the application of our streamlined processes with the right mix of technology enables our customer to scale and introduce new services at the right speed and the right time. ” said Aleksei Ananiev, Bell Integrator’s Business Development Director.

In the past few months, Bell Integrator has streamlined the manual testing process and have enabled the accelerated the transformation towards complete automation. As a result, time spent preparing and releasing new versions of Unistream’s software suite has already been reduced to fourth of the original time. Thanks to innovative techniques and technologies, automated methods and eliminating the human factor, we have managed to significantly increase the quality of their software.

“As part of this project, we are finishing up another stage of improving Unistream Bank’s infrastructure.  In accordance with the DevOps methodology adopted by the bank, we continue to steadily improve the performance and quality indicators of the software and hardware suite, as well as significantly increase accessibility and IT system fail-safety indicators. By the end of 2017, we are planning to have automated all of Unistream money transfer system functions, and by the end of the first quarter of 2018, finish this process by also covering the Automated Banking System and a number of associated banking software complexes,” said Aleksei Emelyanov, Unistream’s CIO.

About Bell Integrator

Bell Integrator is a global consulting and technology services provider driving innovation and enabling digital transformation within the finance, telecom, retail, and automotive industries. Customers include Ericsson, Cisco, Century Link, Juniper, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, and Societe Generale.

About Unistream

Unistream is a leading payment system operator and processing center in Russian and CIS. Today, in addition to its traditional money transfer business, UNISTREAM offers customers a large number of convenient and reliable payment solutions designed to satisfy the daily needs of its customers, both individuals and companies. UNISTREAM’S international money transfer system works in 200 countries at 280,000 service locations, including self-service. The system has partnered up with 400 financial institutions around the world.