Bell Integrator Included In AutoML Evaluation by Independent Research Firm
27 Jun

Bell Integrator Included In AutoML Evaluation by Independent Research Firm

San Jose, CA, June 27, 2019. Bell Integrator, a global consulting and technology services company was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions, Q2 2019 report. Its Neuton product was evaluated.

In 2018, Bell Integrator introduced Neuton, a neural network framework and AutoML solution that challenged the status quo of traditional AutoML players. Unlike other solutions, Neuton is so easy to use that no coding or special IT, AI and Machine Learning background are needed. Its resulting models are more powerful in every way – much more compact, fast and accurate with far fewer samples required. Neuton performs exceptionally well within Neural Network use cases as well as Non-Neural Network use cases.

“We are proud to be included by Forrester in their AutoML report,” – said Inna Proshkina, Global Marketing Director of Bell Integrator. “We launched Neuton to truly democratize AI by empowering all demographics of AI and ML users to build accurate and compact AI solutions with just a few clicks without any special skills or training. Having released Neuton less than a year ago and making our debut in Forrester New Wave now is, in our opinion, yet another acknowledgement of our rising success.”

This report is available to Forrester subscribers or for individual purchase through the Forrester website.

About Neuton

Neuton is a disruptive Neural Network Framework and Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) solution that is far more effective than any other framework, non-neural algorithm or AutoML solution available on the market.

Neuton’s resulting models are self-growing and learning. Neuton works with higher accuracy, and it’s models are very compact and fast – up to 100 times smaller and faster and requires far fewer training samples than those built by competitor’s solutions.

Neuton Neural Network Framework is not based on any existing neural network frameworks or non-neural methods, but rather uses its own proprietary algorithm and is as effective with small datasets as with large ones.

Main differentiators include:

  • Neural Network Framework and AutoML Solution
  • Very easy to use and no coding required
  • No special background in IT, AI and ML is needed
  • Unique characteristics of the resulting model:
    • Self-growing and learning – there is no need to work on layers and neurons, just prepare a dataset and a neural network structure and a model will be grown automatically o Requires fewer training samples
    • Up to 100 times smaller than those built with existing frameworks and non-neural algorithms
    • Up to 100 times faster than those built by competitors
    • Up to 100 times less in neurons and coefficients than those currently on the market
    • So compact and fast that they work on microcontrollers, smartphones etc.
    • Results in minimized overfitting
    • Far fewer absolute and relative errors in the validation samples than those built by competitors
    • The highest accuracy on a given dataset in comparison to the other solutions on the market
  • Far fewer cloud infrastructure requirements and therefore cost for the training and for the ready solution pool in comparison to competitors
  • A cloud solution for training; predictions via a REST API or Web interface; the resulting model can be used as a service deployed in the cloud or downloaded for local use
  • Available as an enterprise solution to run on-premises

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About Bell Integrator

Bell Integrator is a global consulting and technology services provider driving innovation and enabling digital transformation. Customers include Ericsson, Cisco, Century Link, Juniper, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Societe Generale, and many other large companies. For more information, visit