Bell Integrator Develops Orchestration System for Cisco Products
28 Nov

Bell Integrator Develops Orchestration System for Cisco Products

Smart Control allows customers to easily roll out new services as well as manage them from a single point. This solution significantly facilitates creation, management, and configuration of virtual services.

Smart Control supports the following services: a virtual router, a network firewall, access control, antivirus protection, an intrusion prevention system, remote access, e-mail protection, as well as analytical reporting and monitoring.

Smart Control enables customers to boost productivity while managing Cisco services, optimize labor resources, reduce risks of possible improper configuration, as well as reduce operational expenses. The system provides a capability to manage a company network from a single point literally with a few clicks. Smart Control is an out-of-the-box solution aimed to help customers leverage Cisco products.

“Smart Control, first and foremost, can help companies that didn’t use Cisco products due to complexity associated with managing them. The user-friendly interface and the flexibility of integration combined with the reliability of solutions from a trusted, world renowned supplier are what have long been in demand on the IT market,” says Alexander Zlobin, business development director at Bell Integrator.

“This solution opens up new opportunities for corporate clients, service carriers, and end users,” comments Mikhail Kader, a distinguished systems engineer at Cisco. “We look forward to further cooperation with Bell Integrator.”

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