Bell Integrator Implemented IBM Tivoli Netcool in 2DAY TELECOM' (Kazakhstan)
14 Feb

Bell Integrator Implemented IBM Tivoli Netcool in 2DAY TELECOM' (Kazakhstan)

As part of the project at 2DAY TELECOM, an umbrella monitoring system was deployed at the company's Almaty-based headquarters and its 16 regional units. By now, over 20,000 active equipment units, which are located in different territorial segments, have been connected to this solution.

This solution enables the company to timely respond, localize, recover and forecast failures in its operations network. The solution has a direct positive impact on the quality of the firm's telecommunication services. IBM Tivoli Netcool was integrated into 2DAY TELECOM's existing systems that are responsible for engineering, network equipment accounting and incident management. IBM Tivoli Netcool also supports an option to archive information about emergency events and generate analytic reports based on that information.

Pyotr Zharkov, Head of Projects Development, Bell Integrator: "Implementation of large-scale OSS solutions for the telecommunication industry is one of Bell Integrator's main areas of activities. For 2DAY TELECOM, our specialists developed and implemented a unique distributed system architecture that enables connection of a large number of sources. The high professional skills and well-coordinated work of our team enabled us to implement the project ahead of schedule."

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