Bell Integrator confirms its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status
29 Aug

Bell Integrator confirms its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status is the highest possible status in the US-based corporation's partnership program. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners have access to the company's tools and support that are necessary for securing a strong position on a market. Thanks to this status, a company is granted a number of important privileges within the scope of relationship and cooperation with Microsoft, such as: special conditions for purchase of Microsoft products, technical and marketing support for the company with this status, professional trainings and other benefits.

Bell Integrator has obtained Gold Certified Partner Status in the following competences:

  • Application Integration
  • Data Platform
  • OEM

And, besides, it also has the Microsoft Silver Status competences in the following spheres:

  • Silver Platform
  • Mindmarket Solution Provider
  • Management and Virtualization
  • Hosting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Application Integration
  • Application Development

In order to receive the above benefits, an aspiring company should have certified specialists in respective fields, positive experience from previous execution of projects focusing deployment, configuration, activation and maintenance of IT solutions powered by Microsoft software, technologies or other products and services as required by the Status granting requirements.

Bell Integrator has been actively collaborating with Microsoft for several years. The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status confirms the high level of Bell Integrator's qualifications and expertise in this industry. This is because this status is only granted to the most experienced and successful companies providing their customers with the advanced IT solutions powered by Microsoft products and technologies.

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