Bell Integrator announces the First Sales of RES Software Products in Russia
19 Jul

Bell Integrator announces the First Sales of RES Software Products in Russia

Bell Integrator is RES Software's exclusive partner in Russia. Thanks to this exclusivity, Bell Integrator is the only company in Russia that is authorized to sell and implement RES Software solutions in the country. It is entitled to exclusive terms from RES Software.

"Our company has the qualification and expertise required for a successful implementation of this system," Dmitry Arkhipov who is in charge of this project at Bell Integrator, said. "The cooperation between RES Software and Bell Integrator promises to be fruitful as RES Software products are in high demand on the Russian market due to its active development of solutions for virtualizing IT infrastructure and user workstations."

RES Software, a transnational corporation, is a leader on the IT market. Its products and services are used for boosting efficiency of IT services and managing user workspace. RES Software solutions enable clients to manage, in a centralized way, the key elements of user environment. They also ensure security of those elements through context-oriented management of access rights, thus preventing unauthorized activities, such as running improper applications or using detachable data storage devices. In every location on the globe, a user can work in absolutely the same way as at his his/her office workstation with all the required accesses, fine tunings of applications, favorite files, remote access to resources, automatic connection of network printers, etc. The use of RES Software solutions enables static desktop elements to be transformed into dynamic and context-sensitive ones and facilitates compliance with the regulatory norms and company rules.

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