MegaFon Commences the Implementation of Fault Management (IBM Tivoli Netcool) Project
11 Nov

MegaFon Commences the Implementation of Fault Management (IBM Tivoli Netcool) Project

MegaFon renders services of cellular and stationary line communication services across Russia. Geographically, MegaFon's distributed multi-vendor infrastructure consists of several hundreds of control systems and hundreds of thousands of network elements. In order to render high quality communication services to the customers, the time required for the identification of a root cause of a failure in the network becomes critical. Considering the scale of MegaFon's infrastructure, such task becomes manageable only with the help of specialized means, such as IBM Tivoli Netcool, a solution for centralized collection of events relating to failures, filtration, notification of the responsible or relevant personnel, graphic representation and correlation of failures.

As Igor Shirokov, MegaFon Infrastructure Director, notes: Considering MegaFon's constant development, traffic volume growth and network infrastructure expansion, our primary task is to support high quality indicators. Fast identification of the root cause of a failure directly affects the quality of services rendered to subscribers. An important peculiarity of this project for MegaFon is the speed of its implementation. We are going to get results in the first half of 2014.

The implementation of IBM Tivoli Netcool is a project of long-term program for construction of an umbrella OSS for MegaFon.

Alexander Zlobin, Business Development Director, Bell Integrator: Working with major telecommunication companies over the past several years, Bell Integrator has accumulated huge experience in the area of OSS systems, including IBM Netcool. Today, we've a unique practice of implementation, support and development of the systems of such class. Successful cooperation with MegaFon in this project is really important to us. It should be noted that the implementation of Fault Management in MegaFon is a significant project for IBM too, as this project is being implemented with its methodological support.

Modern OSS solutions in telecommunication companies help ensure efficiency of the processes of management of information systems and rendered services. Today, such projects implementation is a prerequisite for maintaining leading positions on this highly competitive market.

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