Bell Integrator Launches its Mobile App Testing Service
13 Feb

Bell Integrator Launches its Mobile App Testing Service

Mobile apps play a special role for all market participants in this era of digital transformation. Almost every user relies on their mobile device to perform a number of tasks, and it is important that service providers ensure that their apps function properly and are easy to use.

Bell Integrator allows you to test your apps remotely from anywhere in the world by connecting to a special cloud service. Bell Integrator offers an extensive collection of mobile devices representing all modern models and brands. The customer can select the devices that he is interested in as well as the type of operating system and browser. The app can be tested both manually and automatically. Bell Integrator’s specialists can compile a testing algorithm and create necessary test scripts at the customer's request. Testing is conducted while taking into account the GPS location of the device while roaming.

Blair Newman, Chief Technology Officer of Bell Integrator, USA, notes: "Mobile app testing makes it possible to identify all of the pros and cons of an app and to identify problems that arise while working with various operating systems or networks in a timely fashion. Customers can access devices 24/7. Automated testing allows the customer to assess the functioning of apps at any time of the day, including even at night."

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